001This little medieval village in the province of Siena used to be the capital of the vast region surrounding it, belonging to diocese of Siena and its bishops.
It stands on a hill, protected by the stone walls dating back to the 13th century. The area around it is still home to many archeological treasures, such as old castles, farms and settlements and small churches.
An ancient Etruscan village has been discovered only a few kilometers from Murlo: among the ruins, the archeologist were able to find an old Etruscan temple from the first half of the 6th century b.C., one of the earliest places of worship in the area. Today, part of the old settlement has been reconstructed inside the museum of Murlo.

002 The castle of Murlo, built approximately in 1000 a.C, was also the home of the Bishops of Siena for many centuries. The village has preserved its medieval integrity and structure: the wall is still intact, if in parts englobed into the buildings. The only access into the village is the old stone gate of Ponente that opens up to the main square, facing the church of San Fortunato, restored in the 16th century in the style of the original medieval church.
In the square there is also the former residence of the Bishop that now hosts the Etruscan museum “Antiquarium of Poggio Civitate”. The museum displays the most important findings of the homonymous archeological project. Exploring the site further, one will see small alleys surrounded by stone houses, arches and balconies covered with flowers, eventually arriving at the north wall that opens up to the green fields.
Our town is located between the cities of Siena and Montalcino, in an area of uncontaminated nature, characteristic Tuscan hills and endless vineyards of red wine. The town confines with the river Farma where the thermal, volcanic waters splurge out and blend in with the cold water, making the place one of the most beautiful natural wonders around. It is possible to enjoy the natural thermal springs free of charge or opt for an actual spa establishment.